Club Meetings March April 2015


March meeting saw me bring along the Ginger beers I have from the Winchester and Salisbury area to show which firms operated there.

march3_15 march2_15march6_15march5_15

The Ginger beer category was graced by some super pictorials and colours


The whiskey Jug category brought out the locals in the form of a John Hodges Dorchester Weymouth and Bournemouth and Lovibond Salisbury.


Nice Doulton miniature dated commemorative vase in the best dug.

march8_15 march9_15

Super Ebay buy for Andy won a Prattware Soyers relish vase, followed by a rare sprigged jug and free sample mini Gosnells

march10_15 march11_15 march12_15

Members mark and Derek wondering how best this mid sized sub could be repaired


march13_15 march14_15

Steve getting ready for the clubs competition silver to be awarded for 2014.


We had our AGM and the committee was re elected en block.

Sadly I forgot my Camera for Aprils meeting you so no pics Scottish bottles, creams poisons and the usual categories. We talked about the up and coming Club Show in May.

The proposed BBR on the road auction is unlikely to happen due to Alan having a prior commitment. So maybe again next year 2016.

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