Bournemouth and Poole GB additions

I’ve had some correspondence from Mike Squires our Club Secretary and he has some additions for the lists and variations which have been posted.

There are seven variations of the Bedford and Burniston impressed GB’s. The two with Bourne Eastwood pottery marks that have  the word AND   or &  on a separate line

bed burniston 1     bed burniston 2

Three with no pottery marks and lettering individually impressed being (a)  Large lettering   (b) Small lettering and with ‘&’ on the second line   (c) Spelling mistake Borniston

Two with Bourne Denby pottery marks 1909 and 1922 (on right). The 1922 version also has two lines of larger  lettering.

bed burniston 3

I’ve not included many of the later glass GB’s but for completeness they should be added.

Aldridge (3)                                                               S Western (3)

glass1 glass2
Bedford & Burniston(2)                                 Dorset Mineral & South Coast Table water

glass3        glass4

Dorset Mineral & South Coast Table waterKeenes & Daws (Labelled Direct Supply)


There are also Seymors  Sherborne and Phoenix Weymouth brown glass GB’s

Now some more variations Ryotts, 2 difference colours


W.Saul impressed, broken white one.

South Western 3 x internal screw, 2 middle one not on website

swmco1dorset min1

Dorset mineral, Bourne crown caps & Lovatt/ Lovatt.

Thanks Mike I’ll update the pictorial list.

If anyone’s got any more please let us know.

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