Club competition

The Club runs a monthly competitions. Points are awarded for 1st 2nd and 3rd in each class. The points are added up at the end of the year and cups are awarded to the winners in each class. A shield is also awarded to the member who accumulates the most points during the year in all classes.

This gives members the chance to show off whats in their collections and show new members what can be collected.

Class List for 2019

Non changing classes.

Class 4  is Best dug item.

Class 5 Best bought item.

Class 6 Sad find.

Variable classes.

Month Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class7
JAN 3 Patent Codds A footwarmer A soda Syphon An advertising Item
FEB 2 flat bottomed Hamiltons A whisky jug An advertising water jug 2 local post cards
MAR 2 local beer bottles 2x different codds from the same firm 2 local two tone ginger beers An old tin opener
APR 2 poison bottles An I.O.W. item 2 miniture items A hammered coin
MAY A collection on a tray A Warners safe cure A Boots Item A Masonic related item
JUNE 2 Dumpy Seltzers 2 favorite items from your collection an incised ginger beer An Edwardian Coin
JULY A cottage ink A Zara A pickle jar A fossil
AUG 2 non pictorial potlids A caviar pot 2 miniture bottles an old beer mat
SEPT 2 black glass ginger beers 2 octagonal inks 2 medicine bottles An old toy
OCT 2 stoneware ginger beers A bulk ink A 1pt beer A pictorial plate
NOV 1 coloured codd a match striker 2 quack cures A dolls head
DEC 1 coloured lip codd 2 cream pots an acid etched bottle A Christmas related item.

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