Dorset Ginger Beers

A few in the know are aware and have helped in getting a comprehensive record of the known ginger beers which Dorset retailers used. There was an intention to publish this in a small booklet when the spark of an idea formed at a club meeting many moons ago. When it was realized that material once dug was not being recorded and an opportunity lost. Things have changed and it now it seams sensible to present the record in a short guide form on line free for all to see.

Dorset’s ginger beer manufactures were largely based around the coastal towns. To date the Bournemouth Poole boast around sixty seven known different types. Dorchester Weymouth and Portland a further thirty eight and the rest of the county just twelve. This is where the main bulk of the population was at the turn of the century and where the holiday trade had most impact. That is a total of one hundred and seventeen different variations from fifty seven different retailers spanning a time period of 1850 to the 1930’s, some seventy years.

They were manufactured in the main by potteries such as Price Powell Bristol , Lovett and Lovett , Priest Cardiff potteries. The enclosures used were cork, (some of which are Galtee more patents), internal screw stopper and crown cork enclosures. Generally they are non pictorial just having a retailers name and town where the depot was located.

Ginger beer bottle collecting is one of the most popular sub collecting categories within bottle collecting and some people specialize in only these types. The Local collector collects names and builds a picture of how the trade was in their region during the Victorian and Edwardian period . They also get a glimpse into every day life of the period through objects in common use at the time. It does not stop with the bottle. History of the people who used them bring the object back to life.

A list of the retailers

Retailer Location Town Date Types recorded
Hall and Woodhouse Brewers Blandford St Mary Blandford 1895- 1939 > screw CH, TT, maker price.
J.L Marsh Bryanston St Blandford 1911-1935 CH, TT, Crown cap
Groves Blandford IMP.
Bedford and Burnistion 44 Boscombe Grove Road, Boscombe Bournemouth 1895-1940 1) Cork std Saltglaze bourne Eastwood Impressed2) Internal Screw std saltglaze Bourne Eastwood Impressed

3) Cork std Twotone Bourne Eastwood Impressed.

4) Internal Screw std honeyglaze Price

Bournemouth Brewery (Crane & Osmond). 117 Holdenhurst Rd. Bournemouth 1903-1907 1) Cork std saltglaze Stiff impressed.2) Cork std whiteglazed price
Bournemouth Mineral Water Works (RH White) (Bournemouth Brewery) 117 Holdenhurst Rd Bournemouth 1895 1)Cork std Whiteglaze, Price
Carr, Gibbs & Sons (wine and spirit Merchent) Commercial Road Bournemouth and Parkstone 1895 1)Cork Std Whiteglaze Hawley
Crane & Osmond(Bournemouth Brewery) 117 Holdenhurst Rd Bournemouth 1)Internal screw std twotone Bourne Denby
Joseph B Crawley Co2 Bournemouth 1903 1)Cork, std, twotone, Price
J.M Dowden & Co (Mowhawk) 7 Lansdown Rd Bournemouth 1885 1) Cork std whiteglaze
Dowden & Co Ltd (Mowhawk) Oxford Rd 

St Pauls Lane

Bournemouth 1887 


1) Cork Std White glaze Smith.2) Cork Std Whiteglaze
H Keene 175 WindHam Rd Bournemouth 1926 1) Screw Std Whiteglaze Price Furness/Keene pattern2) Screw std whiteglaze Price Dirrerent pattern
Furness & Keene 175 Windham Rd Bornemouth 1929- 1940 1) Screw std whiteglaze Powel
Victor Garcia Mineral Water Works Bournemouth 1) Screw std Whiteglaze price
Hope & CoSpa works christchurch Rd Boscombe Bournemouth 1895 1) Cork std Whiteglaze Powell
Hygiene Mineral Water Co (Locke Bros) Tuckton & Wick Bournemouth 1899-1922 1) Cork std honeyglaze Price2) Screw std honeyglaze Price
E.P. King West Cliff Grove Bournemouth 1895 1) Screw std twotone Price
Lambert & Co(late Laneys) 13 cotland Rd Bournemouth 1907 1) Cork std whiteglaze Price/Powell
Ernest A Laney Between 89 and 95 Holdernhurst Rd Bournemouth 1903-1907 1) Cork std Honeyglaze Price.
W. J. Mc Cabe Salisbury Hotel Christchurch Rd Bournemouth 1) Crown cap Ch twotone2) Smaller version of 1 Price
Palmerston wine stores Boscombe Bournemouth 1) Cork, ch, twotone Price
1)Wm Saul & Co 

2) Saul & Co

Princess Yard Holdern hurst Rd Bournemouth 1) 1895-19032) 1911-1913 1) a)Cork std saltglaze impb) Cork Std Whiteglaze.Price


2) Cork Std Whiteglaze Price


Tesse Mineral Water Co Boscombe ChristchurchWest Hill Rd Bournemouth 1906 1) Screw std Whiteglaze Price
E. J. Thompson (Beer wine and spirit dealer) 1 Alumhurst Rd Westbourne Bournemouth 1895-1903 1) Screw, std, whiteglaze, Price
Victoria Mineral Water Co Gloster Place Boscombe. Bournemouth 1899 1) Cork std twotone Price2) Cork Galtee Moore Std twotone Price
West Cliff Mineral Water Works West Hill Rd West Cliff Bournemouth 1907-1929 1) Screw Std Whiteglaze PricePowell
South Western Mineral Water CoTowns

B- Bournemouth

L- Lymington

S Swanage

W Wimbourne.

Sa Salisbury

Bournemouth Dates1890- Deabs Court Wimbourne

1895- 1923 2 Wharf Rd Bournemouth

1903 Herston Swanage.

1907 Kings Rd East Swanage

1907 North Colse Lymington

1920 West St Wimbourne

1920 Sentry Rd Swanage

1925 5 Spring Rd Bournemouth

1929 5 Spring Rd Bournemouth + IDRIS

1938 126 130 Malmesbury Park Rd Bourn

1940 SWMW Co not listed.



1 Circle Badge No shield or castle

2 Scroll

3 Circle badge with shield and castle

4 As 3 square Bournemouth

5 As 4 name abreviated

6 As 3 Bournemouth in banner

7 As 6 Name abbreviated


Bottle variations

Type 4

a) crown cap white glaze Bourne Denby L, S, B

b) Crown cap std White glaze W, S, B


Type 5

a) Cork Std White glaze Bourne Denby L, W, S, B

b) Screw std white glaze Bourne Denby L, W, S, B

c) Crown cap Std White glaze Bourne Denby L, S, B.

d) Crown cap std whiteglaze Bourne Denby W, S, B.


Type 6

a) Screw std whiteglaze W, S, B.

b) Crown Cap Std Whiteglaze Price W, S, B


Type 7

a) Screw std Whiteglaze Price L, W, S, B

b) scre std Whiteglaze Price W, S, B.

c) Crowncap Std Whiteglaze W, S, B

J.C. & R.H. Palmer The Old brewery West Bay Rd Bridport 1927-1939 1) Cork Std Twotone Pearson Blueprint 2 sides
Frampton Bros Brewers Christchurch Cork Champ twotone Price
Fredrick Joseph Barrett ( Durnovarian 27 Cornwall Rd Dorchester 1899 1) Corck Std Twotone Simple Shield2) Cork Std Twotone Powell Elabourate shield
F.W. EdwardsCyclist Favorite The Grove Dorchester 1) Std Twotone Powell
D Hounsell Dorchester 1)Cork Std Whiteglaze price
Eldridge Pope & Co Ltd Dorchester 1)Cork Cham Twotone
Nobbs Stent & Co Ltd Dorchester 1) Cork Std Two Tone impressed
J Porter Beer Wine and Spirt Merchent. 47 High East Street Dorchester 1903 1) Cork Std Whiteglaze Priest
E. J. George & Co Newbury Gillingham 1895-1899 1) Cork Std whiteglaze
H Badcock & Co North close Lymington 1885-1903 1)Cork std White glaze Price
Lymington mineral water Co North Close Lymington 1918? 1) screw std whiteglaze Price2)Crown cap std whiteglaze Price Ship tm.
Geo F Baker New Forest Works Bransgore & Cadnam 1) Screw std whiteglaze Price
George Ayles Swanage 1) Cork Std whiteglaze Lovatt & Lovatt
Strong & Co The Brewery Bell St Romsey 1890-1935 1) Cork Std white glaze Price2) Std twotone script text.

3) cork std twtonne Price Wareham (1907-1920)

Henery Bowring Lower Bond St Weymouth 1885-1903 1) Cork std whiteglaze Price
George Denning Edward St Weymouth 1885-1903 1) Cork Galtee More std whiteglaze
J A Devenish & Co Ltd The brewery Hope Square Weymouth Screw cham twotone
HY Chas MooreCrown Mineral Water Works Refereshment rooms 35 cresent St Weymouth 1923 1) screw cham twotone Price2) Crown cap cham dumpy twotone stiff

3) screw cham two tone as 2

Phoenix Areated Water Co (A Graham) Trinity St Weymouth 1880 1) Cork std whiteglaze Price2) Crown cap cham twotone Price

3) Cork std twotone

South Dorset Trades Mineral Water Co Edward St & Holly Rd Weymouth 1907-1939 1) Cork Galtee Moore Std Whiteglaze
Weymouth Soda Water Co Ltd Clifton Place Park St Weymouth 1875-1931 1) Cork Std whiteglaze Price
W Seymore & Co Seyco House Green Hill Sherbourne 1890> 1) screw std whiteglaze
E W Taylor Cheap St Sherbourne 1899 1) screw std honeyglaze Price
Henry Sharp High St Christchurch 1846 1) Cork std saltglazed impressed
Dorset Mineral Water Co 11 West St Poole 1890 1) Cork std two tone Price/Powell2) Cork std twotone Bourne Denby

3) Cork Std twotone Lovatt & Lovatt

4) screw std two tone

5) screw std twotone Price

6) Crown cap cham two tone Price

7) Crown cap cham twotone Bourne Denby (small badge)

8) Crown cap cham twotone Bourne Denby (small badge) dump

Hants & Dorset Mineral Water Co ( Strong & Co) 11 West St Poole 1935-1939 1) Crown cap cham two tone with badge2) Crown cap cham twotone no badeg
Portland Mineral Water Supply Co Ltd Fortunes Well Portland 1903-1920 1) Cork Galtee Moore std whiteglaze Price

Just one request to those Collectors, viewers, users and addicts alike please if you can help to add to the record let us know through the contacts page so the record may be kept up to date.

Use the information by all means but please credit the club and this site when doing so.


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