Dorset Club Meeting December 2015

The Dorset club was in Party mood at their Christmas Bash With Wives partners and children in attendance to celebrate Christmas. Some were a bit shy!

dec1dec2 dec3dec4

The raffle was excellent as usual and most people came away with a prize.


The competitions brought out some excellent items. The blue bottle class a cobalt blue Codd, 20oz Poisonous Not to be taken round, and a Wasp waist poison.

dec8 dec7 dec6

Your favourite bottle a green Hattat Barret and Elers Stick patent mineral water, Small Collis Gillingham blue lip acme reliance patent, free blown cylinder and dark amber Douglas Legg Weymouth skittle.

dec9 dec10

The three Bournemouth bottles category brought out some really choice Bournemouth bottles. Dominated by Mineral waters and Ginger beers.


Mannock late Hope and Co, Crawleys CO2 and Bournemouth Brewery Codds,

An East Cliff Bournemouth grouping consisting of a Lamonts, Chapmans pinch neck and Chapmans patents.

Crawleys CO2, Hope and Co Boscombe and the two tone Bedford and Burniston GB’s

Deserved winners of the class Crane and Osmond Ltd GB South Western and Wren and Co hamiltons really rare Bounemouth items. The GB is first one I have seen in the flesh.

Best Bought item was won by the Purwell Dairy Christchurch milk jug fighting off competition from the large Petteys dairy blue top and Laneys Dairy Cream pots.


Sad find and a new discovery for the Dorset Ginger beer list was a base of a South Western Mineral water Works Wimborne GB. It just goes to show you that there are still new discoveries out there waiting to be found despite years of collecting and digging. It just begs the question when will a whole one be found? They have got to be out there some where





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