Three months in

It’s been about three months since starting this blog type website for the DABCC. I thought it was about time to let you all know how it’s going. We’ve had getting on for 2000 hits from places as far away as Canada Australia US India and most of Europe. All pretty good considering we are blogging about a niche hobby and are small regional UK club . We have received a few inquiries and comments which have been responded to. There’s been the expected spam as well which has been deleted To keep the site on track and in focus. We have tried to keep it simple and reflecting whats going on.

Thanks for the helpful feedback/comments concerning the blogs structure whilst they do not appear in the comments they are taken on board. still getting our heads around what sort of meaningful tags and how to categorize posts. The raw pictures have been re-sampled  kept as small as possible without loosing essence of what they convey.

There are a few regular viewers so if you like what you see why don’t you follow us and keep up to date with new posts on the site? Relevant comments on the posts are also most welcome.

How are we going to develop in the coming months? The intention is to add a quick-view database on our regional bottles and advertising.  The club produced its ‘Dorset Digger’ newsletter for many years some of the articles are worthy of a wider audience and will be uploaded as time permits. We will of course be blogging on current events through the months as they happen. So hopefully as you all revisit over the coming months you will see the changes.

Kindest regards



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2 Responses to Three months in

  1. Nick Taylor says:

    Any thoughts of including cream pots on the site?


  2. Hi Nick,
    Yes hoping to add to the record section to encompass most bottle categories it’s a case of watch this blog.


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