Summernational Show Elsecar 2019

Ahh I forgot to take photo’s of the club meeting in July! I guess it was the anticipation for the annual pilgrimage to the Summernational held at Elsecar. The journey upto the event from our neck of the woods did seem less frought and I made the it in seamingly record time (without breaking any speed limits I mught add!).

There is a real chance of finding some local items dug and found from the other regions so it’s well worth attending and helping them find their way back home. I often wonder how they traveled so far. Most of the Dowden blackglass GB’s have so far be found in Scotland for example but thats another story.

Plenty to entice you on the array of for sale stalls. The main BBR auction of the year Alan always saves some special items for this show. And more importantly a chance to meet up with friends from far and wide, catch up and see what they have been up to over a meal and a few pint’s

Thanks To Alan and the BBR Crew.

Lots to see and do and a must attend event for anyone who is serious about bottle collecting in the UK. Believing participation adds to your enjoyment I set up my display in the cabinet. The displays were well supported this year and I’d recommend it to anyone.

This year there was also a single item Catagory



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