Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids

Looking back on 2018 one of the significant highlights was the publication of the long awaited Pot Lid book. Thanks to Bob Jim and Paul for their dedication in collating by far the best UK and overseas reference book on the subject. It is significant in many ways but what touched me most was the way in which the hobby has embraced and supported the project. The acknowledgements read like a who’s who in the bottle world so everyone involved deserves a pat on the back.

The Book was launched at the UK National and I was one of many who had their hardback signed. As I write now the hardback has sold out, (only limited to 250 copies). If you think you have mossed out don’t dispair you can still obtain a soft copy.

The Dorset section has the known examples, including fragment’s of lids, from the County. Thanks to the Dorset Club members who helped in gathering the pictures for the Chapter. This gathering of information and pictured was echoed through the UK regions.

I joked with Bob as to what he was going to do next? He said that since the printing of the book a few more variations have come to light, which is typical! Therefore a supplement is planed to be printed when they get to a reasonable number of straglers. So if you have any let them know.

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