Club Meeting November 2018

Lots of entries in the Club competitions.

Mike had just bought a job lot of bottles his dilema which ones to keep and which the re home? an problem which all of us face from time to time as space runs out.

Difficult to choose the best Hamilton Codd Hybrid Mineral.

A couple of granades

Some real estate in the inks.

A few dug item like the miniture Zara seal.

The dispersal of an estate of a cream pot collector up country was one of the worst kept secrets of 2018 most bottleo’s and Cream pot collectors found out . I bet the provincial auction house was a tad surprised on the number of non regulars who appeared and the reliasation of the collection to say the least. There were a lot of repaired pots in the collection but some rare old pots.  A few found of our local ones found their way back to Dorset as evidenced by the best bought catagory. Well done guys!

It was good to see Graham Day re-join the club and he brought a few of his GB’s for us to see. Notice the tan Hope and Co Boscombe a new one to add to the record.



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