Club Show Minstead 2017

A reminder of the show in 2017 as usual the displays were excellent. Andy lane put on his minerals from Weymouth  and those early Hamiltons took more thand everyones eye. Micky showed off little and Large. Continuing on the theme of Little Russ and i showed off some split sized minerals and patents. Shaun Showed off his Hardys and that green marbled Bulb and Sign absolutly stunning.

The show started off with car park.

Swiftly moving in to the hall where everone looked for new additions and bargins

Apologies for the dim lighting this was rectified when we found the dimmer switch!!!

Thanks to the Ladies in the Kitchen keeping us feed and watered.

A few of the re-homed bargins.

And What price those blue tops???? quickly finding a new home.

One of the sweetest Hampshire tap jars shown to me in the car park notice the weird patent stopper and typically excellent metal print Doulton transfer.

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