Shows and Auctions up to May 2016

March’s Alton Show was buzzing as usual the official Show report as produced by the Alton club gives you a good insight in to what it was all about. Also have at their website for their latest update.  A new insight in to the show was also brought to us Thanks Colin.

For Cirencester’s show the following week I was up bright and early and managed to get a parking space outside the hall a first! There was certainly an increased attendance possible helped by a BBR on the road Auction. Colin has produced a vid of the show from his perspective so click here and get a visual run down.

Alan Austin’s on line auction had some nice gems and is well worth a look and bid book mark it for the future. Here’s a link to the catalogue and results and some pics.mineral group stoneware group needle lamp

Some classey minerals and I haven’t seen that Southsea flagon before and the Egyptian Needle oil lamp (despite damage) was a rare offering.

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