Dorset Club Meeting Feb 2016

February meetings competition entries were excellent quality . A couple of the up to three different black and white pot lids category entries.

feb1 feb2

The up to three Mineral water company item bought out some rare South Westen Mineral water company item the black glass beer Siphon are of note


I want each of the R H White items Classy Bournemouth items. Wilfred Amdrews blue marble codd Varients

feb4 feb5

Dowden Codd, Blackglass GB and Chapmans patent. Wonderful red lipped colored Codds and colored marble Codd from Kimberly South Africa


The best Bought items drew in a classy mini gin Rare A Graham Weymouth GB, Seymors Enamel, Hants and Dorset GB

feb9 feb10 feb11 feb12

Members Nattering


Items Brought along for sale



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