Dorset Club Meeting July 2015

Julys meeting members showed of some quality Warners Safe Cure, amber minerals and best bought in the displays. Members generally nattered about what they had been doing over the past month.

warners3 warners2 aquawarners

Warners compound mini sample green and aqua half pint with swirls all scarce/ rare London varients

warmer Hygine hodges jug

New discovered Perrot & Sons Bridport and Charmouth foot warmer, Dated 1896 Hygiene 1 gallon ginger beer Bournemouth tap jar (ist example discovered), John Hodges & Sons Dorchester Weymouth and Bournmouth whiskey jar.


More best bought items in a rockingham treacle glaze man on barrel, handbag shaped bed warmer, and Wareham named Doulton Warmer.

amber    tauntontoken2

The amber mineral water class brought out two amber dumpy RUWAIC Codds from Ventnor Isle of Wight and a Oram with Tun (barrel) and T reade mark. This trade mark goes back some time see 17th century Trade token fro Taunton featuring the identical mark. Is this associated with the Cider industry for which the town is famous?

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