Club Meeting December 2014

The Dorset Club members were in party mood at this months meeting where both members and partners attended. To celebrate Christmas The Club put on a buffet and held its Christmas raffle.


The competitions this month were a couple of pictorial ginger beers. Some really nice ones turned up.


Siphons Palmer James blue from Bournemouth, South Western Mineral Water company lemon and a mint Solders Home Dorchester. They are generally not dug and cellar found nice local ones are hard to find especially colored ones. The standard South Western in blue is the first whole example to be found so far and was an entry in the best bought.



The three blue bottles winner was a Wadworths Cambridge dobson patent codd, Prices patent candle wedge shaped bottle and N.E Elands Hamilton. The best bought winner was the Purton Bromo Iodated Saline water.


The centenary of the St Leger cup naming all the Horses and Jockey’s was a worthy winner in the class 7 a cup.


Some of the girls preparing the raffle tickets for the grand raffle and a few of the prizes up for grabs.

dec19 dec2

Andy put on a classy local display of minerals and colored siphons. They included Marsh Blue, Laneys Bournemouth, Seymors Sherbourne amber, full color range of blue, pink and lime siphons from the South Western Mineral Water Co. A miniature Dorset mineral water Company Poole one of my favs. The rest of the minerals were also special both 10 and 6 oz Collis Gillingham blue lip codds.  Clear and green marble Dorset south Trades codds Weymouth. And the full colour range of Weymouth Skittles. Not to mention the colored Riley’s patents Portland Mineral, Bournemouth Seltzers and Early Dorchester Hamiltons.

dec14dec13dec20 dec21 dec22 dec23

Thank to all for making it a truly memorable evening

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2 Responses to Club Meeting December 2014

  1. Colin Savage says:

    A great club site – many thanks for putting in the time and effort to produce it.


  2. Thanks Colin It’s long over due for clubs to raise their profile, reach a wider audience and show people what its all about.


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