Club Meeting December 2018

The Club was in Festive mood and threw an American supper and Christmas raffle. Some members put on some displays along with the competitions making a really good festive bash.


Stunning Local trade cards

The Ointment comp entry brought out pretty well all of the known local’s The Dr Roberts ‘Poor Mans Friend’ pots won being the early 1800’s pre Beach and Barnicot versions very few known to have survived.

The earliest item in your collection was interesting.

The best Bought item shoved off some early Christmas presents.





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Club Meeting November 2018

Lots of entries in the Club competitions.

Mike had just bought a job lot of bottles his dilema which ones to keep and which the re home? an problem which all of us face from time to time as space runs out.

Difficult to choose the best Hamilton Codd Hybrid Mineral.

A couple of granades

Some real estate in the inks.

A few dug item like the miniture Zara seal.

The dispersal of an estate of a cream pot collector up country was one of the worst kept secrets of 2018 most bottleo’s and Cream pot collectors found out . I bet the provincial auction house was a tad surprised on the number of non regulars who appeared and the reliasation of the collection to say the least. There were a lot of repaired pots in the collection but some rare old pots.¬† A few found of our local ones found their way back to Dorset as evidenced by the best bought catagory. Well done guys!

It was good to see Graham Day re-join the club and he brought a few of his GB’s for us to see. Notice the tan Hope and Co Boscombe a new one to add to the record.



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Surrey Club Show Chessington 2018

Busy Busy loads of interested bottle people at this show alway well attended and excellent displays to see. this one Also had a BBR on the road Auction I even one a lot!

I was tempted with this tap jar but in the end resisted.

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Club Meeting August 2018

Holiday season made it a bit tin on the ground but a few of us were able to make the monthly meeting.

A couple of good displays on a Tray my eyes were drawn to the Anglo Barvarian Brewery opener. Some Mini marmalades. Star of the bought was the early blackglass shaft and globe. Hey look a pretty Verwood pottery Jug / pitcher.


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Exeter Show 2018

A few of us make the regular raid over the boarder from Dorset to Devon to their show at Exeter racecourse we wer not dissapointed this year with a few trophies coming back home. One aspet of the show is the displays put on by the club members. Simply some stunning stuff and well worthy of the visit alone. I was certainly green what an R Whites enamel sign a go with and a half. BBR held one of it’s on the road auctions.

Theres not many shows which have carpeted floors and this one is really plush.

My find was a Petworth impressed GB.

Rather uninspiring to most¬† and not Dorset but it has a sad story to tell and it looked earlier than most impressed GB’s.

Both John Walker and his wife Sarah Died in 1848 leaving nine children, six unprovided for and facing the ophanage. A sad story of the time. What became of the children? It’s looking like the surviving family looked after them, the prospect of the ophanage was the last resort for most families at that time.

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Sumernational Elsecar 2018

A Very busy and excellent weekend a few of us from Dorset made the pilgrimage to the truly National no International event.

lots to fixate about over the weekend, meet up with a few friends, browse the stalls for a buy or three and of course the best auction of the year from BBR.

A taste of the Displays shows what collecting is about.

See you this year an event not to be missed.

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Club Meeting June 2018

Early summertime and a chance to show off a few of our show buys

in the dug a humdinger of a Crotal bell appeared

The local Ginger beer competition was keenly contested. And the Galtee more Ginger beer entries showed some real rarities.



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